Company Core Values

  • PASSION : About what we do… who we are… what we make… and how we
  • HONESTY : Our Reputation In The Industry Is To Honestly Deliver
    Whatever Committed. Keeping Our Word Is Second Nature To Us.
  • TRUST : Earned Through Our Promise To Be Truthful, Reliable,
    Consistent And Responsive At Every Turn.
    every turn.
  • INNOVATION : In product development, technology and style for the
    portable food heating and ambient lighting marketplace.
  • VALUE : The real value of the products we sell – plus the added
    value of every enhancement we deliver.
  • Service : Backed By Years Of Experience And Extraordinary
    Dedication –And Commitment To Excellence.
  • Mutual Trust And Co-Operation : Members Work With A Level Of Trust And Are Encouraged
    To Work Openly, Express Ideas, Opinions, Disagreements And Feelings.
  • Integrity : We Always Support And Honour Every Supplier And Buyer By
    Serving To The Requirements Promptlly.