Fire Stoke

“FIRESTOKE” is a trust worthy canned chafing fuel. It burns at about 180° – 183° F with clean blue flame & constant heat output for 2-3 hrs. So very economical.

“FIRESTOKE” is GEL formula with no free liquid & no air trapping ( bubble ). Therefore, no risk of spill, no flare up, and sparkling. It burns evenly.

Product :
  • Burning time 2-3 hrs depending on the conditions.
  • Max. Temperature – 183°F of food pan.
Features :
  • New trust worthy gel formula based on Methanol / Ethanol.
Benefits :
  • Fire Stoke is a quality innovative formula.
  • You can use 2-3 hrs as per your required time. The balance quality can be used again, so it is economical.
  • Ignites easily and burns evenly.
  • No free liquid; so no spills.
  • No air pockets; burns evenly throughout heating with no sputtering. It is a safe canned fuel
  • Approximately 2% to 5% Residue left after complete burning.
Available Packing :
  • 200 gms. (1 cartoon of 72 tins)(when packed)
  • 12 kg. in M. S. Tin cans with plastic lining (when packed)
  • 14 kg. in M. S. Tin cans with plastic lining (when packed)
Customize Packaging :
  • Packing as per Customer’s requirement
  • Color available as per customer's choice.